Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

The way we talk about any subject is vital to its reception. Scientists these days are practicing their ‘bar pitch’: a 3-minute explanation (in layman’s terms) of their research topic. It’s tough for anyone (scientists, businessmen, or anyone highly specialized in their field) to adequately explain a dense topic in a short amount of time–especially […]

Entrepreneurship In Music

It is no secret that traditional careers in classical music are hard to come by. Each year, thousands of music school and conservatory graduates leave their institutions to enter an over-saturated workforce. Thankfully, many schools are telling their students that if they are to succeed they will have to create their own opportunities. In the […]

Why I love the Minnesota Orchestra Lockout.

This sucks.  Let’s just be honest. But it’s not all doom and gloom around here.  There are things that are actually really wonderful about what’s happening, even though it’s a tough pill to swallow. To catch us all up in case there are some gaps to fill, here’s a very brief rundown of the situation: The […]

Scream Into Space: An Exposé of Galina Ustvolskaya

The climax of the Allegro non troppo movement in Shostakovich’s Fifth String Quartet, Op. 92, is marked by a distinct and repetitive motive that begins on the mediant of the tonic key of B-flat.  It is an impassioned moment of the piece, marked fff, espressivo. The same climactic motive appears in the third movement, strangely […]

Visual Music Making

As an audience member, imagine experiencing a performance without hearing a single sound. The performers walk onto the stage, pick up their instruments, and begin moving to inaudible music. After the concert is over, what could be said of the quality of performance? Are visual elements enough to base criticisms? How does movement or poise […]