Alias Wins.. Again.

This group always makes me happy. Tuesday night was another 2-hour installment in Alias’s 2013–14 season, and these things never disappoint. The concert opened with a work unbeknownst to me, Twisted Dances by Piotr Szewczyk (that’s a lot of consonants), a four-movement play on traditional dances: Polka, Waltz, Jig, Tarantella. Each was treated in a […]

ALIAS Chamber Ensemble plays really good music… really well.

I love that I moved back to Nashville–mostly because of music like this. Tuesday night was my first ALIAS Chamber Ensemble concert since moving back in August, and it was such a joyous, refreshing evening. The group has long been a favorite of mine, known for donating all of their ticket proceeds to local charities: […]

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

The way we talk about any subject is vital to its reception. Scientists these days are practicing their ‘bar pitch’: a 3-minute explanation (in layman’s terms) of their research topic. It’s tough for anyone (scientists, businessmen, or anyone highly specialized in their field) to adequately explain a dense topic in a short amount of time–especially […]

Chris Norton // Sept. 16

I love the feeling of walking into a concert hall and seeing a stage full of percussion gear. Almglocken, marimbas, glockenspiels, all manner of rattles, shakers, and–of course–a lion’s roar. Monday night’s faculty recital was in two distinct halves: the first being a solo marimba portion, the second a set with the Sympatico Percussion Quintet. […]

Elias Salazar – Music (for a) City

“Any vision that is self-centered is going to be unsustainable.” It started with Mahler’s Second Symphony.  Elias went to see the Nashville Symphony and Chorus that June and after that night, “I got the fever,” Elias said. He had been drawn to conducting in the past, and showed a natural propensity for it while he […]