Sean Chen’s Boston Re-Debut

Sean Chen must be doing something right. In the past two years, he has received awards from some of the highest-profiled international piano competitions, has released two CDs, and has performed in cities across the United States and Europe. On Saturday evening, the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts hosted Mr. Chen at New England Conservatory’s […]

The Boston Philharmonic Begins Its 35th Season

The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of Benjamin Zander, kicked off its 35th season Thursday evening with three performances of an all-Russian program. The concert took place in Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre, a performance space thats rich history is matched by its reverberant acoustics. First on the program was Glinka’s Overture to Ruslan & […]

Who Owns A Song?

Everyone knows the 1970s disco anthem “YMCA.” It is a ubiquitous song that, forty years later, is played at ballparks, parties, and on the radio. What many people do not know, however, is that Victor Willis, the band’s lead singer (the policeman), has just gained control of his share of ownership of the song. Why […]

Scream Into Space: An Exposé of Galina Ustvolskaya

The climax of the Allegro non troppo movement in Shostakovich’s Fifth String Quartet, Op. 92, is marked by a distinct and repetitive motive that begins on the mediant of the tonic key of B-flat.  It is an impassioned moment of the piece, marked fff, espressivo. The same climactic motive appears in the third movement, strangely […]

Visual Music Making

As an audience member, imagine experiencing a performance without hearing a single sound. The performers walk onto the stage, pick up their instruments, and begin moving to inaudible music. After the concert is over, what could be said of the quality of performance? Are visual elements enough to base criticisms? How does movement or poise […]